Credit Securitisations and Derivatives: Challenges for the Global Markets (The Wiley Finance Series)

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Investors can find greater clarity of fundamental concepts related to structured assets and credit derivatives in the modern markets and be able to identify available opportunities better. This best-structured finance book provides an overview of several less understood structured credit products for investors and how they can be utilized for distribution of risk to a wider variety of financial institutions than is possible otherwise. Some of the key topics covered in this work include an analysis of structured financial operating companies SFOCs , collateralized debt obligations CDOs and their different forms, and issues with various consumer asset-backed securities ABS as well as commercial ABS.

A truly complete guide on structured products focusing on credit derivatives to help investors find their way through a complex maze of financial transactions in the markets. A fairly detailed guide on structured products including credit derivatives aimed at developing a nuanced understanding of these complex instruments and how they can be used to the unique advantage of an investor.

The authors explain at length how and why managing risk becomes easier with specially designed credit derivatives and the right approach for an investor to spot the right kind of market opportunities. This top structured finance book on structured products meant for enhancing an overall understanding of investors in this field.

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A complete step-by-step guide for professionals on structuring and closing asset-backed security transactions which detail on how the credit crisis has impacted and shaped the securitization of assets on the whole. This work describes how banks structure a deal in a methodical manner and go about implementing it along with a discussion of rating agency reviews, legal requirements, liaising with third parties and securing investors. A recommended read for financial professionals who might have to deal with securitization.

A highly useful guide on the process of asset-backed securitization in the post-subprime era. This best-structured finance book is intended to create a complete understanding of this process along with a discussion of rating agency reviews, due diligence, and other aspects. It also helps understand how securitization market has changed in the post-subprime era. A must-read for professionals dealing in structured finance. This top structured finance book on the fundamentals of structured finance by expert authors in the field.

Often investors find structured products rather confusing and know little about how to make the best use of them. In this volume, authors have made a concerted effort to present the basics of structured finance and securitization for an average investor with a view to enabling them to understand how structured products work. It explains in easy-to-understand language how structured finance is all about tailoring certain products to specific financing needs for large pools of assets, taking into account a number of relevant factors like investor risk, asset class and specific needs of issuers and investors.

A recommended read for structured financial analysts, asset management companies and a wide variety of institutional investors. An excellent introduction which can help any investor acquire an understanding of structured products and securitization and what purpose they serve. The beauty of this top structured finance book lies in the fact that its treatment of the subject is such that it can not only help those new to the field but can also work as an excellent source of reference for professionals dealing in structured finance due to its rare level of clarity for such a complex topic.

A prized possession for institutional investors and finance professionals.

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A complete introductory guide to structured finance which helps understand most of the issues facing the modern investor and addresses them with the help of powerful models. The author does an excellent job of making this complex subject highly accessible to the reader and explains several useful techniques for investors to identify, measure, price and monitor deals efficiently. This top structured finance book offers the building bricks of structured finance for investors and explains the fundamentals of the field, opening up a new world of possibilities for the investors,.

A commendable guide on structured finance for investors which offers a number of useful approaches, tools, and techniques to address major issues faced by them.

The author also discusses some useful concepts of debt and equity modeling which can help immensely while dealing with structured products. A must-have for anyone new to the field of structured finance willing to make the most of available tools and techniques. Culp Author. It is an excellent treatise on the increasingly significant role of structured finance in devising tailored insurance products for modern corporations. The author beautifully explains the concept of alternative risk transfer ART which is integral to the idea of creating structured insurance solutions which can serve specific needs of corporations.

The readers would be able to understand how it can help manage capital and risk at the same time, thus helping create greater value on the whole. However, due to the complexity of this concept, there is always an inherent risk of inefficient structuring which can create a novel set of problems to deal with. To help avoid such a situation, this classic structured finance book provides the much-needed clarity of concepts and their practical applications for finance professionals.

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  • A complete guide on structured insurance products with a detailed explanation of alternative risk transfer ART for finance professionals. Modern corporations are faced with a much higher level of competition and risks which need to be managed efficiently and alternative risk transfer helps in this process which lets the corporation which risks managing and which ones to keep in order to create greater value on the whole.

    The author also warns of the inherent dangers present in devising these products which can lead to further confusion and loopholes if due care is not taken. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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