Groupie Girl Fuck: Used by the Lesbian Rock Star

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She seems to be taking the high road and keeping her mouth shut. Lita said they went through bass players like toilet paper, meaning they had a lot of bass players. A lot of musicians use the term when they have had to replace a lot of a certain member. With my band, we had a lot of drummers and always said we went through them like toilet paper. Was she devaluing Vickie when she said that in Edgeplay? The third time she was tortured and almost murdered in The perpetrator served one year county.

I believe both women. How they each express the truth and paths to healing what they experienced is not our judgement call. In her book Cherie depicted Jackie as an entertained observer at her own rape who wanted another hamburger. I fail to understand why Joan, Cherie and Lita have so little compassion for Jackie. Why for example, would Cherie ever include a her version of this incident in her book? To me, detailing the event and painting Jackie as a willing participant is shockingly callous. Even if she believed it was consensual at the time, she had to understand that it was not by the time she published her revised book in It seems so monumentally selfish to re-victimize Jackie by publicly co-opting and exploiting her story in Neon Angel.

It is a skill we are not taught, and most of us remain emotional children all our lives, no matter how old we get. We expect public figures to live up to better ideals of this than average people, but they are damaged and imperfect humans too. Her reaction is unquestionably deplorable. She was young and they were all on drugs at the time. Now Cherie is a totally different story. I think Cherie in particular is on the defensive because she wrote the rape in the book only with Jackie as the bystander.

Fair enough.

I got so upset I made a petition out of it. Maureen Herman is my new rockstar badass. Most people who are close to the band know that Cherie not only faced Kim Fowley and confronted him with his terrible actions, but she forgave him and took him into her own home when he was a sickly, dying old man. I feel sorry for Jackie if she is really haunted by this whole incident and it has ruined her life… but I sincerely hope that there is not a book or film to follow shortly. The sensationalism of the Huff-Post article, to me, is a terrible travesty.

Any person who diverts the attention away from the culprit… Kim Fowley… and tries to place some sort of posthumous blame on Sandy, or Joan and Cherie, is just trying to stir the pot and gain notoriety for themselves. Let Jackie tell her story, in her own words, and not these dredged up internet posts from or Leave Joan and Cherie alone, and let them speak up if they chose to… not because there are all these internet trolls in their faces, saying disgusting and hurtful things.

You should all be ashamed. I guess that was the intention of the writer, so the jokes on me, right?

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My husband met Robert Yates at the grocery store once. They stood in line together. Turns out that besides being a serial killer, he was a stellar guy. Went to church. Raised a family. Only murdered a few women. Imagine for a minute how different the response to Cherie would be if she extended the same level of understand and kindness to Jackie, who is actually deserving of it, as she did to Kim FOULey who by any measure is definitely now.

And what I find most curious is how she can prove that she was not present when this incident took place yet remembers it down to the minutest detail in her book. I was with the article right up until it took a turn toward focusing on Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. But why are they even at the center of this story? I really think more focus should be on the integrity of the article itself. I believe that in the future his decisions about how he unfolded the story will be seen as irresponsible and even pandering.

Groupie Girl Fuck, Used by the Lesbian Rock Star

It makes you realize why civilizations had to come up with a court system. Some of the response from journalists has had a weird male bias, a phenomenen of men writing about what woulda coulda shoulda been done by the little girls who Jackie says were there and what they should be saying now. Thank you for writing this, and for the incredible conversation in the comments. So disappointed in the way they handled it. Then followed 40 years of anger, melodrama, backbiting and multiple lawsuits.

I think people need to walk away because we will never get the sordid truth of what happened that night. She left before the debut LP for reasons unknown, but subsequent interviews reveal no love lost between Micki and Fowley. I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Michael Steele has all but vanished off the face of the earth, and has been virtually MIA for the past 11 years.

However, an interview from about 15 years ago, she reported that due to her being of age, rather than force himself like he allegedly did with Jackie Fox and Kari Krome, Fowley kept coming onto her, which made her feel understandably uncomfortable. Her attempts to ignore it in hoping the problem would go away only contributed to Fowley kicking her out of the band. Fowley of course, denied it, comparing it to John Lydon hitting on Audrey Hepburn.

Thank you for the thoughtful article and thanks to all the thoughtful straddlers who have left thoughtful and compassionate comments that engage the conversation in meaningful ways.

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Even forty years later, some parties involved are still patrolling and defending their public image. Whatever did or did not go on, the fact that a teen girl was drugged and someone had sex with her means she was raped. That other teens in the room did not connect the dots is unsurprising. Come on, ladies — stop posturing. You were NOT the bad-asses even you wish you had been. Stop performing yourselves.

Groupie Girl F**k: Used by the Lesbian Rock Star

Fox is extremely generous in her bystander effect interpretation. She lets them off the hook. Yet perhaps equally possible is that of least a couple of these other young girls stared in her face and did nothing out of sheer antipathy. Face it: they hated this girl. Ford and Curie continued the cruelty in the documentary. Why did they hate her? She was mouthy. She actually went and tried to get another manager. What did they do?

Who knows? The public would not be wondering had they themselves not been so publicly so PETTY about her even as adults. She definitely got scapegoated and shunned. They have themselves to answer to for that, EVEN though they were kids. Yes, Fowler was the perpetrator. But that crew itself was a rape culture. The public I left to parse out female participation because we also need to ask ourselves whether and how often and when we are complicit in rape culture.

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Even if we were complicit when we were young and ignorant, we need to own up. So take opportunity as a teaching moment. How do we do better? Do you realize that Cheri was already the victim of two rapes by the time this event occurred? A year later she was not only brutally raped and tortured but almost murdered?

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You have her as some cheering bro on the sidelines.