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Making up for lost time. I listened to a lot of Eddie Money in High School. A bit in college. College — that was grunge time though.

How music makes us happy

Seattle took over quite quickly. There are a few college friends that probably thought about me after hearing the news. I know he or his people followed me on Twitter. That was a … Read More.

First and foremost, I'm not really a "dark mode" kind of gal.

Thanks for listening. Next is your place for new music discovery. Our goal is to find you — a NEXT, new favorite song. Thanks for listening and thanks again to Ocean 98 for putting next on the radio. New music discovery is important … Read More. Hello lovers. Lovers of new music. Even the cockles of my heart. And we all know how … Read More. If you feel like you still need a boost, listen to the Signature Story Webinar. The first people to target should be local press and outlets that have covered you in the past if applicable.

When contacting blogs make it personal. Always include a SoundCloud link set to private until your music is released. There are many ways to start building a targeted media list. One method — identify a musician or band that is slightly further along and fits into your musical wheelhouse, and take note of the press outlets that they are getting featured on. There is a great chance that those publications may also feature you. Learn how to do your own PR with Ariel in her amazing deep-dive course. Start to familiarize yourself with blogs, podcasts, and outlets that are appropriate for your release.

Is Pitchfork even the right outlet for you to showcase your project? Sure, they have a large audience, but is it the right audience for you?

Research is not the only thing you need before you send your first pitch. To find out what to do come download our Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity. TIP: Keep in mind that a music blog is made up of content written by humans. When it comes time to pitch, you will be pitching to them. Increase your chances that they will be interested in you by first being interested in them. Make a connection by following them on socials. Strike up a conversation on Twitter or Instagram if the opportunity arises.

A conversation about literally anything other than your music is recommended.

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You are responsible for driving likes and streams to Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and all other streaming sites. You also need to drive subscribers to your email list.

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In a saturated, crowded space approx. Read this post to understand Feature. We use all of them here and they are deeply incorporated in our Total Tuneups. If you are already building through touring or playing live at home, continue.

How to enjoy new music

This builds on the momentum that has been made. There are undoubtedly limitations on how often you can tour. Streaming a show is also a great way to interact with your fans on a more personal and direct level. A live streaming concert is where the audience is online viewers and can be filmed at your home or any interesting location have access to, a great tool to connect with fans.

Artists, big and small, are taking advantage of this to keep engaged and present with their current fanbase, generate revenue and to increase their brand awareness.

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The two major players are Stageit and Concert Window. Picking between the two they are both quite similar will allow you to either charge a set ticket price. What many artists do, is use the pay what you want model which gives fans a way to pay you more tha what you ask for and can be lucrative. Ask your fans what covers you should play. Post the question on Your Facebook Page or on Instagram as a tile.

The song suggestion that gets the most likes or comments will be the one s you cover. You will not make it in music without mastering the power of live networking. Building your IRL networking into your planning is key. Many artists are shy and introverted and this part does not come easily.

It is crucial to connect the dots of your digital world to the real world. Even if you only want to be a studio musician and never tour, you still need to be able to meet people and find out about potential work. He is so good at this that he has over fans supporting him every single month on Patreon and he did it through IRL connecting. I know this because when I met him I stood in line to do so!

If I set a release date to some time in the future, will my music be hidden until then?

It includes 10 strategic, thought-provoking questions and walks you through how to identify your ideal fan archetype. Come and dive in! I truly enjoyed reading your post. Very informative and helpful on how to avoid many pitfalls of music marketing as an Indie artist. I am absolutely blown away! I am a multi platinum songwriter debuting my own music for the first time essentially. So giving and im so thankful!

Hello, Thanks for sharing the musicians guide with us. Your blog is a great help for every musician out there. Keep posting! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. View Larger Image. These Musician Marketing Plan posts are the most popular series on this site. They are fully updated for For each part, we have highlighted the sections we are covering in red so you can see how all of these parts work in concert with one another.

Focus on Increasing Your Audience If you have been recording new music you may have taken your eye off of the constant grind it takes to keep your socials and your email list growing.

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  5. Announce a Music Release Event: Live Show or Listening Party If you play live shows, book a release show and do something to make this show more special than the others. Write your Day of Newsletter so it is ready to go out. Go to Facebook Live and talk about the fact that the music is available and ask for fan feedback Spotify: Header and Profile Photo : Keep these up to date and in line with the rest of your social profiles. Image Gallery: Choose images most aligned with your brand and recent music.

    Social Media Links: Add links to your socials. Spotify Bio : With characters to share with your fans, you can update this whenever it makes sense for you. Keep your bio updated, include shows, notable press, and new singles. You can add a custom image to your Pick or share tour dates if preferred.

    Read more here. Twitter: tweet out your release announcement. Pin the tweet to the top of your profile page Go to Buffer and program the tweets for times a day for the next 10 days YouTube: Customize the top banner, profile picture to announce the new music Add your bit.

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    Music Press Outreach The first people to target should be local press and outlets that have covered you in the past if applicable. Blog Savviness Gets Placements. Playing Live And Streaming If you are already building through touring or playing live at home, continue.