Raw is the Answer: The 30 Day Green Smoothie Diet

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Which is why you came here looking for the Whole30 smoothie rules! I have some good news and some bad news.

How to eat after a fast? (after a detox diet)

Smoothies generally using lots of fruit are technically compliant on your Whole30, but we strongly recommend against them. Food that you drink sends a different satiety signal to your brain than food that you chew. Plus, as they are generally fruit-heavy, a breakfast smoothie sets you up for cravings, hunger, and volatile energy levels throughout the day.

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In summary, eat your food and skip the smoothie, especially for breakfast. Protein shakes, or smoothies made in a particular way and in certain circumstances are ok… Read on, my friend. Play around with these options and find something that works for you!

Blend and enjoy! Hey there! When you add your vegetable, does it need to be cooked? Mainly referring to some of the squashes: zucchini, butternut, etc.

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Thanks for some rules on smoothies! Caroline Fausel has always loved nutrition. After many bouts of vegetarianism, she and her husband found the Paleo lifestyle. After making the transition, they never felt better!

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Now with a better understanding of what makes us healthier, Caroline creates recipes for those striving to eat clean. Whole30 Smoothie Rules. Read the official Whole smoothie rules below. A long list of the why behind the Whole30 smoothie rules: Too much fruit: On the Whole30 , servings of fruit are recommended per day. Even ONE smoothie typically has more servings than that.

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A smoothie is likely to fill you up short-term but leave you hungry between meals, especially if you drink it all by itself. Fruit is better in small servings and throughout the day!

OR you often replace a meal with a smoothie, you are likely not a good candidate for drinking smoothies on your Whole Because one of the things that makes the Whole30 different is that it addresses your habits. Using a smoothie as a meal replacement is not a good habit.

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Try to build your smoothie with protein see here for my list of Whole30 Approved protein powder options , healthy fats, greens like kale or spinach, veggies, and SOME fruit. Just remember to check the ingredients! August 16, Powered by Shopify. Frozen Garden Blog. What does that mean?

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  • Simply put, the amount of nutrients you get compared to the calories you take in, is well, pretty darn amazing. These vitamins aid in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, keeping you feeling fuller longer and even lifting your mood. Learn more. Green smoothies make it easier and tastier to eat your greens.

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    We think the answer is pretty easy. Our green smoothies are handcrafted using local produce when available. We believe in the real food movement. You know, real food, grown by real farmers, in a real field. Not in a lab.

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