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Pari Noskin Taichert. Public relations consultant Sasha Solomon travels to Belen, New Mexico, to help the small town increase tourism using a former Harvey House as the main attraction. Section Section 9. Droits d'auteur.

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Informations bibliographiques. Section 1. Section 2. Section 3.

Section 4. Section 5. Section 6. Section 7. Section 8. I thought I would invite 10 mystery authors and request the Friends of the Cerritos Library to sponsor the luncheon. President Janice Dawson and other boardmembers were willing to give it a try and because of its success, our second luncheon had 12 authors and I am working on inviting 14 authors for Mystery on the Menu III. The all-day event will start off with the first panel of authors discussing their careers and books followed by a delicious lunch.

Next the second panel of authors will address the audience and all the authors will sign their book provided for purchase by Linda Bivens of Crime Time Books. What suggestions do you have for libraries that may be thinking of integrating mysteries into their programming?

How popular are mysteries among your library constituency?

I am finding that most of the authors we host are mystery ones. That tells you that this is the most popular genre in Cerritos.

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  5. Librarians who are interested in getting in touch with local mystery authors should contact local bookstores and see who is signing books there. It is always good to attend some of these events and make contact with the authors or their publicists and let them know that their libraries are interested in hosting them. There is a lot of talent in Southern California and all these authors love to visit libraries.

    I would request all authors to update their websites and keep their contact information and calendar of events current. I am sure your fans would like to come to your programs and meet you in person and discuss what you are planning to write.

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    American Library Association offers a program to its members called authors your library. Very often the Friends of the Library would sponsor author events. This is a great group to get in touch with to schedule visits to libraries. Many of your authors may already be aware of these resources. If you ever have time while you are in Southern California, please visit this magnificent library:.

    If you have ever worked with Padmini and want to sing her praises, please do so in the comments section. And if you have any other fabulous librarians, library events, or plain library memories you want to mention, add them as well. Who will it be? For me professionally, will be a transitional year. As my career shifts, or rather expands, and my workload increases, I thought it best for me to give up my spot on Murderati for another blogger.

    My intention to join forces with Pari and others on Murderati was primarily to discuss the process of releasing my third book, to write about public relations and promotional efforts I was a flak in Hollywood for about three years , and to talk about the L. There are many good websites and blogs , but we can use more. Copyediting styles and copyeditors L. The life of a lonely young woman in L. A former Japanese American beauty queen seeks upward mobility for her family in the s at a disastrous cost.

    A young female tattoo artist, on the run from her yakuza boyfriend in Japan, finds herself with some supernatural powers after an encounter with a stranger in L. This is going to be super cool because each story will be illustrated by a comic book artist. Actually, I think this book will be coming out the beginning of instead of the end of Just looking at the editors and other contributors indicate the high caliber of these respective collections. I still have a few weeks to polish two of the stories. It was both liberating and challenging to sharpen my story-telling skills and to find the unique voice of each protagonist.

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    The stories are all told from female points-of-view, which has been a refreshing change for me. In fact, writing "Number 19" probably helped "clear my decks" in tackling my YA novel, which is told in first person by a year-old girl. Taking a break from Mas Arai and stretching my creative wings have made me more confident and brave a writer.

    I think one of the reasons why Murderati has worked is that we are so different. What binds us together is that we write mysteries professionally. Our national fascination with the underdog and second chances is probably our most endearing cultural value well, at least to me. As these stories go, the underdogs always come up winners at the end.

    So I have special wishes for each of the Murderati bloggers, both present and future, with gifts of Japanese New Year, or Oshogatsu , food, which is full of symbols and metaphors. Renkon for Deni. Both Jeff and Deni will be moving on to pursue their own blogging venture.

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    My best to them. Black beans, which represent health. Add chestnuts, and you have success, repeated over and over again. A big fish for the queen of the sea.


    Tai , or sea bream, is usually served whole; nothing is broken. Elaine will be taking over Wednesdays, so I know this day will be hopping! Pink fish cake which symbolizes patriotism, purity and honesty. Totally appropriate for this Killer Year woman. Pounded rice cake, which is plenty sticky for long life and prosperity. Mochi, like Pari, keeps everyone together. Rolled kelp for gladness or joy. Kombu maki always reminds me of tuxedos or penguins for some reason.

    And oh, so fun to make. As of , I will be updating my website monthly with a note, brief book review on novels and mysteries related to Asian Americans, and yes, a new Japanese word to learn. So come visit. If you ever come to L. Boar, wart hog. Boar birth years are , , , , , , , and, of course, Boar people are supposed to be pure of heart, generous, and kind. A true friend with a passion for life and indulgence. They are supposedly compatible with Tigers, which would make any Boar a good buddy of mine. Since my first book took me approximately 15 years to complete—from idea to final publication—these two sections proved to be a challenge.

    First of all, in terms of acknowledgments, you can collect a lot of people to thank along the way in 15 years. For myself, I had to begin with the folks who were with me during the early, early part of my struggles with the manuscript. Then it moved to people and institutions who were instrumental in providing editorial input or finances to give me time to write. And last of all, those who just made life easier through tangible and emotional support. These were friends and family members who fed me, made me laugh, and provided me with larger spiritual perspective through this painful journey towards publication.

    Paperback Editions

    I depended heavily on layers of personal experience and imagination, rather than tomes of paper. In my second and third books, which had much shorter acknowledgments, I had done focused research on specific topics, so I did mention those resources to help direct persons who wanted to find out more. That confusion has bled a little in my command of English prepositions.

    Most book dedications seem to use "for. And during the course of 15 years, the motivations ebbed and flowed.