The Ghost, The Rat, and Me (Episode Three)

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Take the Misfits for example. You could read up on the band and their turmoil, their upsides and downsides and Glenn [ Danzig ] and Jerry [ Only ] and Doyle [ Wolfgang von Frankenstein ] and all that. But for me, there's a separation where I can completely neglect anything I know about any band — if I like the music and the imagery — I can completely buy into listening to "20 Eyes. It is loosely themed around the concept of death and doom. It's a themed album around medieval times, but it's definitely clinging onto a lot of very current things.

The Black Death [ plague ] is a great example of a turning point for a whole civilization.

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Complete villages were annihilated. Most people knew very little, so all of it was God or the Devil — and about their faith being questioned: Why are we being stricken down by this great scourge? It must be because of our not fearing God enough and all this superstitious bullshit.

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There's a lot that you would recognize today in online mannerisms. In many ways, we've gone back a few steps because now it's closer to how it was back in the old days when people were standing at the square and all of a sudden, it's like in Monty Python's Life of Brian : "Stone him! It's actually not technically about rodents. It's about something spreading as wildfire and completely destroying things quicker than you know.

To the Rats and Wolves - Ghosts (Official Music-Video)

It was how the plague started in Europe. It was basically a couple of merchant ships that had been over in Crimea.

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A few of them sailed into the port of Messina in Sicily, and according to the legend, from the ship came rats and they were carrying the fleas that had this bubonic plague. Almost everyone on the ship was dead and dying. The plague is extremely fast. It starts off as the worst flu you've ever had and then it just goes worse and then you're dead after three days. So people were lying in the streets — corpses and all the surroundings were just falling apart. All the brothels and pubs were thriving because people started partying literally like there was no tomorrow because they were gonna die.

They were just going for it. Would you want to do that? Is that something you would be willing to commit to? As a person who is not necessarily completely atheistic and believes in somewhat of a mumbo jumbo magical thinking, it's obviously hard not to think about afterlife and how it all sort of circles around. And, you know, part of that is the whole idea of loving others and how that feels so eternal at certain points whereas if you have kids, it feels literally eternal.

You cannot imagine not have them in your presence or in your mental presence at least for the rest of eternity. Friendships and love affairs end. Some don't, and those are the ones that fuck with you.

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Before I met her, I wouldn't want to commit to anything. All I saw was marriages falling apart and I come from a broken home. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Melinda Gordon Aisha Tyler Andrea Marino David Conrad Jim Clancy Bruce Weitz Tobias Northrop James Patrick Stuart Lew Peterson Rance Howard Dirk Abrams Lorenzo James Henrie Vic Terrence Hardy Jr. Marty as Terrence Hardy Zach Mills Edit Storyline Andrea and Melinda are contracted to auction furniture from a community inn before it is torn down. Language: English. Runtime: 45 min.

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Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Throughout the series, Melinda says people are haunted, not places; though, in this episode, the place is indeed haunted. In a later episode. Goofs As Melinda puts her seat belt on and grabs the steering wheel, it's under her left arm. In the next shot, just after backing out of the driveway and without any indication of moving her arm, the seat belt is over her left shoulder like it's supposed to be.

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Quotes Tobias Northrop : He was one tough customer. Nobody messed with ya if you were okay with Rat. Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere.

It's almost Who knows. I'd buy one. Magicians do suck, but that's not really the point of this sketch. Rather, it's that Robinson and Cecily Strong give us a three-minute relationship drama that's both hysterical and crushing at the same time.

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When Robinson's character allows himself to be humiliated by a magician while on a date with his wife, what he doesn't realize is that he's essentially ending their marriage by going along with the stage bit. Just as they are about to go to bed, Strong starts to eviscerate him in a truly ferocious way. They play it so straight that it'd be heartbreaking if it weren't so damn funny. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Magic sucks!!! Share on Facebook Pin it. Funeral organist Episode 3. Instagram Episode 1. The Man Episode 2.

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