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Williams was to repeat his opposition to American action in October when he signed a petition against the Iraq War as being against United Nations UN ethics and Christian teaching, and "lowering the threshold of war unacceptably". Again on 30 June , together with the Archbishop of York , David Hope , and on behalf of all Church of England bishops, he wrote to Tony Blair expressing deep concern about UK government policy and criticising the coalition troops' conduct in Iraq. The letter cited the abuse of Iraqi detainees, which was described as having been "deeply damaging" — and stated that the government's apparent double standards "diminish the credibility of western governments".

On 5 October , Williams visited Iraqi refugees in Syria.

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In a BBC interview after his trip he described advocates of a United States attack on Syria or Iran as "criminal, ignorant and potentially murderous". Bolton had called for bombing of Iran at a fringe meeting of the Conservative Party conference. Williams objected to a proposed French law banning the wearing of the hijab , a traditional Islamic headscarf for women, in French schools. He said that the hijab and any other religious symbols should not be outlawed. Williams also spoke up against the scapegoating of Muslims in the aftermath of the 7 July London bombings on underground trains and a bus, which killed 52 and wounded about The initial blame was placed on Al-Qaeda , but Muslims at large were targeted for reprisals: four mosques in England were assaulted and Muslims were verbally insulted in streets and their cars and houses were vandalised.

Williams strongly condemned the terrorist attacks and stated that they could not be justified. However, he added that "any person can commit a crime in the name of religion and it is not particularly Islam to be blamed. Some persons committed deeds in the name of Islam but the deeds contradict Islamic belief and philosophy completely. He compared Muslims in Britain to the Good Samaritans , praised Muslim salat ritual of five prayers a day, but said in Muslim nations, the "present political solutions aren't always very impressive".

In a leaked private letter, Williams said that he "had real misgivings about the compatibility of Masonry and Christian profession" and that while he was Bishop of Monmouth he had prevented the appointment of Freemasons to senior positions within his diocese. The leaking of this letter in caused a controversy, which he sought to defuse by apologising for the distress caused and stating that he did not question "the good faith and generosity of individual Freemasons", not least as his father had been a Freemason. However, he also reiterated his concern about Christian ministers adopting "a private system of profession and initiation, involving the taking of oaths of loyalty.

Williams became Archbishop of Canterbury at a particularly difficult time in the relations of the churches of the Anglican Communion. His predecessor, George Carey, had sought to keep the peace between the theologically conservative primates of the communion such as Peter Akinola of Nigeria and Drexel Gomez of the West Indies and liberals such as Frank Griswold , the then primate of the US Episcopal Church. In , in an attempt to encourage dialogue, Williams appointed Robin Eames , Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland , as chairman of the Lambeth Commission on Communion, to examine the challenges to the unity of the Anglican Communion, stemming from the consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire , and the blessing of same-sex unions in the Diocese of New Westminster.

Robinson was in a same-sex relationship. The Windsor Report , as it was called, was published in October It recommended solidifying the connection between the churches of the communion by having each church ratify an "Anglican Covenant" that would commit them to consulting the wider communion when making major decisions. It also urged those who had contributed to disunity to express their regret. In November , following a meeting of Anglicans of the "global south" in Cairo at which Williams had addressed them in conciliatory terms, 12 primates who had been present sent him a letter sharply criticising his leadership which said that "We are troubled by your reluctance to use your moral authority to challenge the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada.

Questions were later asked about the authority and provenance of the letter as two additional signatories' names had been added although they had left the meeting before it was produced.

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Subsequently, the Church of Nigeria appointed an American cleric to deal with relations between the United States and Nigerian churches outside the normal channels. Williams expressed his reservations about this to the General Synod of the Church of England. Williams later established a working party to examine what a "covenant" between the provinces of the Anglican Communion would mean in line with the Windsor Report. In October , he signed the call to action supporting Extinction Rebellion. On 8 June , Williams said that the British government was committing Britain to "radical, long-term policies for which no-one voted".

Writing in the New Statesman magazine, Williams raised concerns about the coalition's health, education and welfare reforms.

Poem of the Masses

He said there was "indignation" due to a lack of "proper public argument". He also said that the " Big Society " idea was viewed with "widespread suspicion", noting also that "we are still waiting for a full and robust account of what the Left would do differently and what a Left-inspired version of localism would look like". The article also said there was concern that the government would abandon its responsibility for tackling child poverty, illiteracy and poor access to the best schools.

He also expressed concern about the "quiet resurgence of the seductive language of 'deserving' and 'undeserving' poor" and the steady pressure to increase "what look like punitive responses to alleged abuses of the system ". Cameron said that the government was acting in a "good and moral" fashion and defended the "Big Society" and the coalition's deficit reduction, welfare and education plans.

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In this, he recalled the poet's assertion that a competent agnostic would make a better prime minister than an incompetent Christian. I don't find that a very comfortable thought. In August , Williams condemned antisemitism and backed a petition to remove the works of David Irving and other Holocaust denial books from the University of Manchester. Williams did his doctoral work on the midth-century Russian Orthodox theologian Vladimir Lossky.

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He has expressed his continuing sympathies with Orthodoxy in lectures and writings since that time. During the Pope's state visit to the United Kingdom in September , the two led a service together at Westminster Abbey. Williams said in April that the child sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in Ireland had been a "colossal trauma" for Ireland in particular.

His remarks were condemned by the second most senior Catholic bishop in Ireland, the Archbishop of Dublin , Diarmuid Martin , who said that "Those working for renewal in the Catholic Church in Ireland did not need this comment on this Easter weekend and do not deserve it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For the boxer, see Rowan Williams boxer. Jane Paul m.

enter See also: Ordination of women in the Anglican Communion. Main article: Moral theology of Rowan Williams. This section contains too many or overly lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. February Retrieved 23 December BBC News.

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Retrieved 29 March Financial Times. Retrieved 2 November The World Weekly. Archived from the original on 24 February Good luck the Choir Girl. Keep reading. Hurray for this project! After a tough badly structured maybe over long?? Great minds… haha. Do you have time for breakfast too?

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