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Retrieved August 11, October Steve Jackson Games. Retrieved July 11, The Hollywood Reporter.

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Retrieved July 9, Martin's 'Wildcards'? October 3, Wild Cards: A Mosaic Novel. In Collins, Robert; Lantham, Robert eds. Retrieved July 10, So Spake Martin. December 15, February 23, Publishers Weekly. December 18, Humble Bundle. Archived from the original on February 18, Macmillan Publishers. Retrieved June 12, Retrieved November 24, Not A Blog.

March 16, Archived from the original on July 18, September 2, February 14, February 28, The Oklahoman. Retrieved June 14, Original Fiction. March 30, Retrieved January 31, July 5, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved May 18, May 2, October 24, March 27, Retrieved May 31, May 15, Retrieved May 15, July 24, Retrieved August 10, Green Ronin Publishing. The news was first announced by Mr. I'll let him tell you in his own words what the overall concept of Wild Cards is.

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The world was never the same. The Wild Cards series encompasses over 20 books of short stories and shared universe novels, and there are more on the way. Considering the massive amount of material the show will have to pull from, it's not yet clear which characters will make the jump to the screen. Again, I'll turn this over to Mr. Which characters will be featured? Hard to say at this early stage. Let's see Want to be the first to hear about new Wild Cards books?

Sign up for our newsletter for insider access. Martin himself. In book two of the Wild Cards series, Aces High, we trace these heroes and villains through the tumultuous s, both like and unlike our own. Now, after centuries of travel through space, an extraterrestrial being called the Swarm is headed for Earth. Meanwhile, some of the aces given superpowers by the virus are hatching conspiracies to control the human world. These factions are about to collide…and the fallout could be catastrophic.

September 15th is Wild Card Day, which commemorates the date the Wild card virus was released, spreading a wave of mutations around the globe. And —the fortieth anniversary—promises to be the biggest Wild Card Day ever. But in New York City, not everyone is celebrating. The Astronomer, a twisted, powerful genius, has been planning how own special festivities for Wild Card Day, It will be a day of revenge against those who have opposed his evil plans—and aces and jokers alike must soon fight for their lives. Forty years after the Wild Card Virus's release, the World Health Organization decides it's time to take a delegation of aces, jokers, politicians, and journalists on a fact-finding mission to learn how other countries are dealing with the virus that reshaped humanity.

Leading the team is Gregg Hartmann, a senator with presidential aspirations and a dangerous ace up his sleeve.

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Joining him is a menagerie of some of the series' best and most popular Wild Cards, including Dr. Let the secret history of the world be told! An alien virus that struck Earth after World War II, and of the handful of the survivors who found they now possessed superhuman powers. Some were called Aces, endowed with powerful mental and physical prowess. The others were Jokers, tormented by bizarre mind or body disfigurements. Some served humanity. Others caused terror. Now, forty years later, as a gang war between the Shadow Fists and the mafia rages out of control in the streets of Jokertown, Aces and Jokers go underground-to wage their own war against the powers of the netherworld.

Since a strange alien virus created the superhuman beings known as Aces and Jokers four decades ago, they have struggled for respect and recognition.

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Now they are key players in a presidential convention torn by hatred and dissent. Assassins stalk the halls of the convention and one of the candidates plans to use his secret Wild Card power for evil.

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Travel on a journey of intrigue and adventure in this collaborative novel edited by 1 New York Times bestselling author George R. Snodgrass, and Walter Jon Williams. Chrysalis, the glass-skinned queen of the Joker underworld, has been found brutally murdered in her popular restaurant, the Crystal Palace. New two men are out to find her killer: Jay Ackroyd, the Ace private investigator who discovered her ruined body, and the vigilante archer known as the Yeoman, who has been framed for the crime. Their quest leads them on a nightmare odyssey of madness, violence, passion, and political intrigue that will forever alter the fates of Aces and Jokers everywhere.

Experience this gripping tale of mystery and suspense. The Rox Triad Jumpers—teens who can swap bodies—appear. Something is stirring on Ellis Island, something strange and dangerous enough to subdue even the white-hot tensions between Wild Cards and normal humans. They call themselves the Jumpers: a vicious gang with the power to transport their minds into others' bodies, using them to commit acts of terror and violence, before abandoning them and leaving their victims to face the consequences.

The Jumpers cutthroat ambition to control the Wild Card community will pit aces, jokers, and humans at odds like never before. Bloat, the boy-governor of the Rox, wanted to make Ellis Island a safe haven for Jokers, and made a choice to recruit the Jumpers, superpowered teen outcasts who could steal a man's body in the blink of an eye.

But under the leadership of Dr.

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  6. Tachyon's psychotic grandson, the Jumpers grow more vicious and uncontrollable every day, becoming the greatest threat the Wild Cards have ever faced Edited by George R. Snodgrass, and John Jos.

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    Miller, along with previously unpublished stories from Carrie Vaughn and Cherie Priest. After too many disastrous raids and military embarrassments, the Nats order a full-out-no-holds-barred blitzkrieg against Bloat and his genetic outcasts. The mission is clear: destroy Ellis Island, no survivors. This is it, folks. The final days of the Rox. Bantam Solo Novels Dr. Aboard his grandfather's spaceship and fleeing the violent turmoil between jokers, aces, and nats that his vicious ambition spawned, Blaise is headed for a new conquest: the planet Takis.